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  In April, the Journal of General Internal Medicine published the article, Addressing the Nation’s Physician Workforce Needs: The Society of General Internal Medicine (SGIM) Recommendations on Graduate Medical Education Reform, prepared by the Health Policy Education Subcommittee of the Society of... Read More
On May 21st Chandra, Khullar and Wilensky published the perspective article “The Economics of Graduate Medical Education” in the New England Journal of Medicine. This piece focuses on the current financing structure of Graduate Medical Education (GME). Since residents produce revenue for hospitals... Read More
On April 24th Ed Salsberg, Research Professor at The George Washington University, published the blog The 2014 GME Residency Match Results: Is There Really A “GME Squeeze? in Health Affairs. In his blog, Salsberg reviews the 2014 National Residency Match Program (NRMP) and American Osteopathic... Read More
On March 27th PBS Newshour featured research by Patricia Pittman, Associate Professor at the George Washington University (GW). Pittman’s research focuses nursing workforce issues including migration and the ethical recruitment of foreign-educated nurses (FENs). The PBS Newshour report, Scammers... Read More
Recently, Academic Medicine featured two articles that examine academic health centers’ social mission to ensure that all individuals in their communities, including undocumented immigrants, have access to health care services. Health care policies and practices regarding immigrants can limit their... Read More